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The Story:

“When Hattie, the most perfect golden retriever, came into my life in 2000 I was nine and little did I know how much she would shape my life. Other kids my age were addicted to game consoles but it seemed I was addicted to Hattie. Anything to do with her fascinated me, it started with walking and regular training but it wasn’t long before we found the world of agility and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Subsequently, the dog family enlarged, three border collies followed Hattie, namely Cody, Ditto and Geek. All attained Grade 7 status, the highest level in the UK, but that proved to be only the stepping stone to their greatest achievements. Cody competed against the best in the world and won gold representing the UK at the world agility open.

Ditto became a “star” and went on to compete in the U.K.’s top agility showcase events both at Olympia and Crufts a total of 6 times but it has been Geek that has helped me achieve goals I thought I could only dream of: 2019 and 2020 Crufts Championship Winner, 2019 Crufts British Open winner, 9 championship certificates, Silver team medal at the European Open, Bronze team medal at the FCI world championships and a Silver medal at the World Agility Open.

The latest addition to the team is Boffin, another border collie, now 3 years old and showing potential to achieve equal success.  

Apart from my own dogs, I’m passionate about helping people achieve the best partnerships with their own dogs. I started as a “pet dog” trainer and became known for my work with puppies and young dogs of all breeds working with their owners to create the perfect pet.

These days I’m a full time agility coach and many of my students have gone on to achieve the highest accolades nationally and to represent the UK internationally. However, my passion will always remain at the start of the journey, with the puppies and young dogs.

On a blank page you can write your own chapter. The foundation stages of training are so exciting and full of potential which makes me delighted to be able to share and my games, tips and exercises with you.”

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