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TitleTopic Tagshf:tax:ld_topic_tag
‘Finish’ for raw!, , , finish four-months middle tricks
12 months!, 12-months course-map
13 months!, 13-months course-map
14 months!, 14-months course-map
15 months!
16 months!, 16-months course-map
17 months!, 17-months course-map
18 months!, 18-months course-map
1st restrains for toy, , 8-weeks restrain-recall toy-play
2o2o Foundation (see-saw)!see-saw
2o2o games for the see saw!, 2o2o see-saw
2×2 session 2!, 2x2-weaves weaves
2×2 session 3!, 2x2-weaves weaves
3,2,1 …. start line!, , , 14-weeks impulse-control self-control start-line
40cm jumps and tunnel/backside discrim!
6 poles – closing the gap!, 2x2-weaves weaves
6 upright weaves!, 2x2-weaves weaves
A lesson in rewards (crate games)!, , crate-games reward self-control
A longer sequence!sequencing
A walking Blog!, , recall socialisation walking
A-frame session 2!a-frame
Adding handler motion to weaves and entries from a wing!, channel-weaves weaves
Adding in the third set (2z2)!, 2x2-weaves weaves
Adding independence to threadles!threadles
Adding some ‘bang’ to the ups (see saw)!see-saw
Adding some speed!, motivation sequencing
Adding speed to barriers!, , barriers tight-turns wing-wrap
Adding the threadle to a sequence!threadles
Advanced pole/no pole grid!jump-grids
Arousal around agility with Boffin!, boffin focus
Backside proofing with Boffin!back-sides
Backside slice (jump commitment!), , backside-slice jump-commitment push-round-slice
Backside slice (session 2)!, , , back-sides backside-slice push-round-slice round-the-back
Backside slices …. the next step!, back-sides backside-slice
Backside slices!, back-sides backside-slice
Barriers for turns!, barriers tight-turns
Barriers from speed!, barriers tight-turns
Bed games on puppy camp!, bed-games self-control
Bed games around agility!, bed-games focus
Bed games!, , bed-games self-control start-line
Behaviour around agility!behaviour
Bendy blinds!blind-cross
Body pivots, session two!, , , 11-weeks foundation pivots reinforcement-zone
Body pivots!, , , 11-weeks foundation pivots reinforcement-zone
Boffin tunnel/backside discrim!obstacle-discrimination
Branston (Sheltie) drive and motivation!, , , 13-weeks relationship shetland-sheepdog toy-play
Branston (Sheltie) Drive and motivation!, motivation shetland-sheepdog
Branston (Sheltie) Nose touch and toy swaps!, , , 13-weeks nose-touches shetland-sheepdog toy-swap
Breakfast training, , , 9-weeks directionals directions down
Breaking backsides down!, , back-sides push-round-slice round-the-back
Channels to dead toy!, channel-weaves weaves
Closed entry weaves first session!weave-entry
Closing the two sets of six!2x2-weaves
Collection sequence!, , collection front-cross pivots
Coming Soon!, , 8-10-weeks obedience recall
Conditioning Clicker, 8-10-weeks clicker-training
Cone progress!, cone-work wing-wrap
Cone progression!, cone-work wing-wrap
Cone work 1!, cone-work wing-wrap
Confidence for restrainer! (Branston, Sheltie)!, confidence restrain-recall
Contact trainer for 2o2o!see-saw
Crate games (fading the lure), 9-weeks crate-games
Crate games (putting the steps together), crate-games self-control
Crate games continued!, 10-weeks crate-games
Creating epic weave entries (session 1)!, weave-entry weaves
Creating epic weave entries (session 1)!, weave-entry weaves
Creating epic weave entries (session 2)!, weave-entry weaves
Creating stronger toy play (Dweeb)!toy-play
Dave Munnings sequencing seminars!sequencing
Dave Munnings!dave-munnings
Do not go in that tunnel!
Dog walk in sequence!running-dog-walk
Dog walk plank!, , , confidence dog-walk proprioception running-dog-walk
Dog walks in new place!, dog-walk running-dog-walk
Double recalls!, , , , , , 14-weeks distractions focus motivation recall relationship restrain-recall
Drive to crate, 9-weeks crate-games
Drive to the target (see-saw)!see-saw
Dweeb body pivots and recalls!flat-work
Enya Habel Seminar!sequencing
Equal distance grid!jump-grids
Euro sequencing!
Eyes forward!, , cone-work forward-focus wing-wrap
Fan grid!, jump-grids loose-turns-2
Feet in a box!, , 11-weeks proprioception shaping
First BIG show (Iconix 4-7), competing competition
First BIG competition (Iconix 4-7), competing competition
First competition run!, , competing competition show
First flat work session!, , flat-work foundation reinforcement-zone
First flatwork for toy!flat-work
First full see-saw!see-saw
First outdoor show!, , competing competition show
First trip out, , 8-weeks socialisation toy-play
First tunnel threadle session!tunnel-threadle
First Walk!, , , , 10-weeks distractions recall relationship walking
Flat Work!, , , , anti-blind-cross blind-cross flat-work front-cross reinforcement-zone
Focus around Agility!, , 8-weeks distractions focus
Focus on me!, , , 10-weeks distractions focus relationship
Follow my shoulders!, flat-work reinforcement-zone
Follow the food!, , , 8-weeks hand-value luring toy-play
Forty retrieve session 1!retrieve
Forty tunnel games!tunnel
Front crosses and no pole knocking!, front-cross pole-knocking
Front-cross pin wheels!, , , collection front-cross pin-wheel star
Full height a-framea-frame
Full height see-saw ups!see-saw
Garden centre outing!, , , 11-weeks relationship restrain-recall socialisation
Group bed games!, , bed-games self-control start-line
Handler focus!, , 14-weeks focus relationship
Harder rear crosses!rear-cross
Head collar – stage two!head-collar
Head collar session 1!head-collar
Head in harness!10-weeks
Hide and seek, , , , 8-weeks motivation recall relationship toy-play
Hippy (Border-pap) first group lesson!, , , , 4-on-see-saw flat-work see-saw tunnel wing-wrap
Holly Barker!nutrition
How to break down a sequence!sequencing
How to use a training ring!, , , nfc see-saw training-show weaves
Impulse control!, , 12-weeks impulse-control self-control
Indoor show behaviour!behaviour
Introducing Jump Bumps (Tarzan and Saint), jump-bumps jump-grids
Introducing the mat verbal!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Introduction to weave guides!, , weave-entry weave-guides weaves
Jump after dog walk!, dog-walk running-dog-walk
Jump up retrieves!retrieve
Jump, tunnel, jump!, , commitment sequencing tunnel
Kamal Fernandezkamal-fernandez
Landing side front cross!front-cross
Landing side front crosses!front-cross
Learning about back legs!, , 10-weeks proprioception shaping
Left paw and right paw!
Leg weaving trick!, leg-weaving tricks
Loose turn movements!, four-months loose-turns-2
Low arousal threadles!
Low grade weave skills!weaves
Mat meets plank (dog walk)!running-dog-walk
Mat work – going back a step!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Mat work for toy!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Max Sprinz!max-sprinz
Meeting a ‘teen dog’!, 10-weeks socialisation
Meeting a new dog, 8-weeks socialisation
Meeting the mat (RC’s)!running-dog-walk
Middle!, , middle start-line tricks
More closed weave entries!weave-entry
More nose hits!, 11-weeks nose-touches
Nerd training with Sian Illingworth!sequencing
Nerd with Zeljko Gora
Nerd’s your name!, , 8-weeks name recall
Nerds first thread session!threadles
New dog walk tests!running-dog-walk
New reward placement for wings!wing-wrap
No more poles!pole-knocking
No more screaming!focus
Obstacle discrimination!obstacle-discrimination
Offering directionals!, , 11-weeks directionals directions
One jump skills (new height), , back-sides one-jump threadles
One jump work 60cm (anti pole knocking)!pole-knocking
Open entry, right arm weaves!, weave-entry weaves
People are great!, 8-weeks socialisation
Plank value and unstable surfaces (Dweeb)!, dog-walk plank-value
Pole/no pole grid!jump-grids
Pole/no pole grid!jump-grids
Pre running contact foundation!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Preparing for shows (double star!)sequencing
Progressing back side slice!, , back-sides backside-slice round-the-back
progressing middle!, , middle start-line tricks
Progressing the cavelletti!, cavelletti proprioception
Progressing the stare!forward-focus
Progressing three poles!weave-entry
Progressing tunnel threadles!tunnel-threadle
Proprioceptive ladder!
Proprioceptive line!, , balance four-months proprioception
Puppy ping pong, , 9-weeks recall relationship
Putting things together!sequencing
R.C on tour and criteria explained!running-dog-walk
RC mat meets manners minder!running-dog-walk
Re-introducing MM to mat work!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Rear crosses and tight turns with Sian Illingworth!, rear-cross wing-wrap
Rears for food!rear-cross
Restrains for food, , 8-weeks relationship restrain-recall
Retrieve Reminder!, retrieve shetland-sheepdog
Reverse lesson two!, proprioception reverse
Reverse session one!, , reverse see-saw tricks
Reversing on to see saw!see-saw
River (WCS) 10 Months, running-dog-walk threadles
River (WCS) 10 weeks 1-2-1, , , , 10-weeks retrieve start-line toy-play tricks
River (WCS) 15 weeks 1-2-1, , , , 15-weeks dead-toy reinforcement-zone start-line toy-play
River (WCS) 16 weeks 1-2-1, , 16-weeks nose-touches toy-play
River (WCS) 17 weeks 1-2-1, , , , 17-weeks cone-work restrain-recall start-line wing-wrap
River (WCS) 19 weeks 1-2-1, , , , , , , 19-weeks cone-work mat-work motivation running-dog-walk start-line toy-play wing-wrap
River (WCS) 20 Weeks, , , , 5-months nose-touches retrieve see-saw working-cocker-spaniel
River (WCS) 21 Weeks, , , , flat-work retrieve spaniel wing-wrap working-cocker-spaniel
River (WCS) 7 months 1, , , anti-blind-cross flat-work jump-grids wing-wrap
River (WCS) 8 months 1sequencing
River (WCS) 8 weeks 1-2-1, , , , , , 8-weeks collar-grabs recall restrain-recall spaniel toy-play working-cocker-spaniel
River (WCS) 9 Months, motivation speed
River 23 weeks!, , , , forward-focus retrieve spaniel start-line working-cocker-spaniel
Rules of the walk, , , 9-weeks recall relationship walking
Running contact foundation 2!, , mat-work running-dog-walk shaping
Running fast, restrains!, , 10-weeks motivation restrain-recall
Second competition run!, , , competing competition show trial
Second see-saw jump ons!see-saw
See saw up games session one!see-saw
See-saw – 2nd time up game!see-saw
See-Saw – further progressions!
See-Saw – progressing the bangs!see-saw
See-saw ‘jump on’ game!see-saw
See-Saw confidence!see-saw
Self control around agility!, behaviour self-control
Sequencing wings with a tunnel!, , commitment tunnel wing-wrap
Sequencing with Rudi (Cockerpoo) and Branston (Sheltie)!
Sequencing with Tarzan and Tasty (Nerds bro’s)!sequencing
Sequencing workshop with Naarah Cuddy!sequencing
Sequencing workshop with Naarah!sequencing
Serp collection and sequencing!collection
Set-point!, jump-grids set-point
Sharing is caring!
Short, fun session!motivation
Show progress analysis!, competing competition
Show progress analysis!, competing competition
Sian Illingworth puppy sequences!, , commitment sequencing speed
Sian Illingworth!, running-dog-walk sian-illingworth
Skills in sequence!, , , sequencing speed tight-turns tunnel-threadle
Sounds for the see-saw!, , 10-weeks foundation see-saw
Speedy lines!, , driving-lines power speed
Speedy restrains, , , , , 9-weeks motivation relationship restrain-recall retrieve speed
Staircase line!
Start lines!start-line
Starting ‘arms’!, , , 16-weeks arms four-months tricks
Starting 2×2 (weaves)!, 2x2-weaves weaves
Starting channel weaves!, channel-weaves weaves
Starting create games, 8-weeks crate-games
Starting mat work and playing outside (Dweeb), running-dog-walk toy-play
Starting nose touches, 9-weeks nose-touches
Starting obstacle discrimination (Funky)obstacle-discrimination
Starting on the table (running dog walk)!running-dog-walk
Starting snake lines!snake-line
Starting the running a-frame!a-frame
Starting threadle wraps (Funk)!, threadle-wrap threadles
Starting three poles!weave-entry
Starting to look like a full see-saw!
Starting weave entries!, weave-entry weaves
Straight line at full height (60cm)!
Strength for weaves (Boffin)!, strength weaves
Susan Garrettsusan-garrett
Teaching a ‘jump’ cue!, jump-cue obstacle-discrimination
Teaching a 4 on see-saw!, 4-on-see-saw see-saw
Teaching directionals!, , 8-weeks directions flat-work
Teaching paw!, paw tricks
Teaching stillness and working around another dog!, , bed-games focus self-control
Teaching the curved tunnel!, curved-tunnel tunnel
Teaching the tyre!tyre
Teaching the wall and sequencing!, sequencing wall
Tereza Kralova seminar!
Testing start lines!, self-control start-line
The bang game!, bang-game see-saw
The green carpet!, , , 14-weeks environmental recall restrain-recall
The wall!wall
Therapy prep!socialisation
Think through the toy!directionals
Thinking through dead toys!, dead-toy focus
Threadle ‘v’ power cue!, proofing threadles
Threadle nose hits around jump (Boffin)!threadles
Threadle nose hits!, nose-touches threadles
Threadles and backsides in sequence!, back-sides threadles
Threadles step 2!threadles
Tight push rounds!, , back-sides round-the-back tight-push-round
Tight push rounds!, , back-sides round-the-back tight-push-round
Tight turns with Boffin!, boffin wing-wrap
To tunnel & not to tunnel!, reinforcement-zone tunnel
Toy on wing!, turns wing-wrap
Training with ‘the bro’!
Tunnel games on puppy camp!, reinforcement-zone tunnel
Tunnel love!tunnel
Tunnel threadles … the next step!tunnel-threadle
Tunnel to weaves!weaves
Tunnel turns!, tunnel tunnel-turn
Tunnel/dog walk discrimination!obstacle-discrimination
Tunnel/Jump discrimination!obstacle-discrimination
Two cones!, turns wing-wrap
Two curved tunnels!, curved-tunnel tunnel
Two sets of six!
Un-edited mat work!, mat-work running-dog-walk
Vacuum issues!, 11-weeks vacuum
Varying start points (dog walk)!running-dog-walk
Verbal cues!verbals-cues
Verbals over handler motion!, commitment wing-wrap
Weave entries – Nerds first session!, weave-entry weaves
Weaves – putting it all together!weaves
Weaves on tour!, channel-weaves weaves
Wing games on puppy camp!wing-wrap
Wing Work (Hectic/Funky 1-2-1), , 4-months turns wing-wrap
Wing work (Hectic/Funky 121), four-months wing-wrap
Wing wrap verbals with Branston (sheltie), , rear-cross verbals-cues wing-wrap
Wings and bumps!jump-bumps
Wobble board!, , 14-weeks confidence see-saw
Working ring side!, , behaviour focus ring-side
Wrapping a pole (Tarzan and Saint)wing-wrap
You snooze, you lose!, , , 10-weeks dead-toy motivation toy-play