I have watched Dan Shaw grow from an enthusiastic dog owner, with his adorable Golden Retriever, Hattie into a formidable force… D Force to be precise! His natural talent, an affinity for dogs, and engaging personality have led him to be an instructor in high demand… his forte being his ability to engage and motivate any puppy! A World Championship Level competitor, but more importantly a passionate dog lover! Anyone fortunate enough to experience his training is in for a real treat… he will lay the foundation for not only a phenomenal agility dog but a fantastic four-legged partner!

Kamal Fernandez

Top level and TV Dog Trainer

My dogs and I love training with Dan. The sessions are really well structured and appropriate for the age and skill level of the dog. This is really important for me as I’m a Veterinary Physiotherapist and it’s great working with a trainer who understands exactly what my puppy should and (even more importantly!) shouldn’t be doing at each stage of her development. I always come away from training with Dan feeling like I have a plan for the next stage of training, feeling as if I’ve been pushed out of our comfort zone just the right amount and having had a lot of fun running around with my dogs.

Jenny Coates

Canine Physiotherapist and Agility Competitor

Dan Shaw is known for being the puppy guru! His enthusiasm and energy is second to none, yet is calm and patient at the same time. Dan’s training has the perfect balance between thinking exercises and energy. He reads the puppy to know when to change exercises so they are constantly engaged leaving both handler and puppy wanting more. Dan’s personal enjoyment of the training is clear to see.

Mel Norman

Agility Competitor

I’ve been fortunate enough to train my dogs with Dan the last few years but at a higher grade level, however I knew when I got my puppy there wasn’t anyone else I would want to help me with our agility journey. His lessons are and have been invaluable. He really focuses on making agility the best game for a dog and handler. He gives great feedback, encouragement & homework to help produce a really strong skill set needed to get the best agility dog for you.

Chloe Machon

Agility Competitor

Dan’s foundation training is second to none! He makes every session fun and informative for both handler and dog and he covers so much content in each session. He is always on hand if I have a questions about any exercises and his explanations for everything is great. Not only is he a tremendous trainer, he also creates amazing training groups that spark a real sense of community. I’m so excited to build on my puppy’s foundations and see what the future holds for her!

Lucy Clifton

Agility Competitor

I have completed hands on Puppy Foundation courses with both of my Border Collies and the on-line version with my youngest Collie. The message that consistently runs through Dan’s training is his positivity, enthusiasm, experience and patience. The sessions he creates are always age appropriate for the dogs and provide a great foundation for the start of their agility journey. The training is progressive, easy to understand and clearly defined and gives the dogs what they need to have independence and drive to the next obstacle. It is clear that although Dan has achieved almost everything in the world of dog agility he genuinely cares about the dogs and handlers in his class and is supportive and encouraging when things don’t always go according to plan. He helped me problem solve based on my dog’s individual needs and I am delighted with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Tracy White

Agility Competitor and Trainer

I have only nice things to say about Dan and his teaching/coaching style and therefore highly recommend him. I know Dan through my little collie, Betti who started her schooling with Dan at his puppy obedience classes (Dan, not sure what you call your classes) and we loved it. The knowledge and the loving, caring attitude shone through and my puppy learnt all the basics we needed to help her in her agility career. A while back we joined Dan’s agility classes with Betti and we love the knowledge, the support and the banter we have there. He is truly a great trainer with eye for details, how to resolve a problem and take you to the next level.

Tunde Bell

Member of the Team GB Agility Squad

Dan is a super motivational and methodical trainer with a fantastic ability to read the dog infront of him and adapt the training to suit all ages and breeds . He is particularly great at building confidence and relationships, helping build the perfect bond between you and your new puppy.

Naarah Cuddy

Team GB Medallist, Multiple Ticket Winner, Crufts Winner

Last year I entered a seminar with my young, a sheltie who was 10 month old… she hasn’t done that much training before, because she is a bit softer dog than I have been used to, so I wasn’t all clear how I wanted to start her agility journey… Being at the seminar really opened up my eyes for so many things I could do with my soft dog, motivating her, keeping her happy and still work on her skills! Dan was great at reading her “type” right away, and finding just the right exercises for us! I love how he presented new exercises in every training pass, so we got as many new homework with us to work on, and not just training the same thing over one over to my dog would find in uninteresting…. Dan not only read my dog, but also me, knew when he needed to mix up the exercises, for me not to be frustrated and feel helpless with this new type of dog, and instead motivated me to do otherwise, and keep the training fun for both me and my dog! I really loved his training, and already arranged that Dan comes back to Denmark once a year!

Natasha Petrine Gjerulff Jensen

Small Agility World Champion

For training puppies and young dogs you couldn’t be in a better place than with Dan!!!!  He has huge knowledge about dog training and agility foundation. He has an extraordinary way of teaching with endless enthusiasm. You don’t have another option to get enthusiast yourself while training with Dan. And isn’t that what our puppies need. A trainer who let us feel we have the most special puppies in the world

Wendy Willemse

Member of Netherlands World Championship Team and Agility Trainer

Dan’s puppy foundation classes have not only been a lot of fun, but have given me a great structure to follow. So many games, tips, tricks and ideas – highly recommended to anyone looking to engage and enjoy their puppy from the very start.

James Adams

Member of Agility Team GB, Crufts Championship Winner, Dog Trainer

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